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Over Current protection description [GB/CM]

Author: AM Reference Number: AA-00217 Views: 9149 Created: 08-09-2011 11:25 Last Updated: 06-05-2021 13:29 0 Rating/ Voters

The over-current protection it is triggered if the motor current remains above the over-current limit for a time interval longer than the over-current time. The maximum value for the over-current limit is set to motor peak current (unless the drive peak current is smaller). The over-current time must be set according with the motor data. Note that if the motor current oscillates over and under the protection limit, the over-current time increases and decreases accordingly. The protection is triggered only if the motor current has accumulated a time interval longer than the over-current time above the protection limit.

The over-current protection value can be set from the Drive Setup dialog.

Remark: The main goal of the over-current protection is to prevent motor damage during the setup tests, when the current controller may not be correctly tuned. In this situation, even if the drive current limit is correctly set, the motor current may reach higher values. To get the fastest possible reaction, during the tests, the over current time is forced to the minimal value, independently of the value set in this dialogue. For this reason, during tests the over-current limit must be set higher than the drive current limit. The over-current time is considered only during normal operation, when the over-current protection complements the I2t motor protection.  

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